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» Dad Jokes

not so funny, but my father thought so.
When my grandfather passed away, my father told me by saying: "all those with grandfathers put up your hand." then pointing at me "Not so fast you!"
(Wed 10th Dec 2003, 7:34, More)

» Clients Are Stupid

I work in the IT department and often have what we call DFU's (dumb f*&cking users) but none more than this one lady.

She recently got a CD Writer and we set it up that she could just drag files onto the cd writer icon. so i say to her, "just drag the files you want to copy onto the cd writer drive." so she looks at me and says "how am i supposed to get them down there", pointing to the actual cd writer drive in the computer.

she has won the DFU prize for 2003.
(Wed 31st Dec 2003, 6:57, More)