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be gentle with me, I'm girly and crap.

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» Injured Siblings

Cold Ambition
Me and my sister (4 and 3 respectively) were in the kitchen upsupervised. In the freezer were some lovely ice pops. I know we had to ask for an ice pop, but instead, I ask my little sister to get one out, preparing the "She got it out" defense if rumbled!
For some reason she had wet hands, can't remember why, but as she reached into the back of the freezer, her hand was magically sucked to the bottom and stuck fast. I tried pulling her out, then my mother came running when she heard my sister's frantic cries. Much pulling and yanking later, she was free but her hand was two times as large with huge blisters from the frost burn! She had to go to hospital and wore a bandage for a month or so. Don't know why she complained though, she got smarties for being good for the doctor and I didn't get my bloody ice pop!!!
(Tue 23rd Aug 2005, 0:06, More)

» Job Interviews

Just not paying attention.
Interview for senior teacher position in a Newcastle primary school. Headteacher introduces me to the board; there is the chair of governors, deputy head, LEA advisor and deputy head from the local comprehensive school that they are linked to.
Interview goes well. At the end the deputy from the local comp says "do you have anything you would like to ask us?"
I think, hmm, always better to ask something, think of something lame to ask.....
"Um, yes, do you link up with a local comprehensive school?"
Doh! Didn't get the job!
(Sun 23rd Jan 2005, 14:15, More)