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Natively I'm a network manager for a school in Birmingham (UK), and in my spare time I fix puters and do other geeky stuff.

Don't you just love people that call it that?

Anyway, I'm a bastard for correcting peoples' spelling, and I really hate people who mis-use apostrophe's and over-use excalamation marks !!!!!

So, yeah. That's me.

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» Worst Record Ever

That "Fatman Scoop - Be Faithful" shit
Eighteen samples, 17 of which are non-comprehensible, and 1 which sounds like he has a nasty chest infection.

He's lucky he doesn't smoke. I smoke 20 a day and don't sound like that.

I hate "artists" which just take original artwork and put their stuff all over it.

They could at least ... you know, use the clone and blur tools on it, or whatever it is you use when you bastardise music. Make it much better.

Audible kitten, anyone?
(Tue 2nd Dec 2003, 23:18, More)