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» Guilty Pleasures


(Thu 7th Apr 2005, 22:35, More)

» Join us... come join the cult

At a university where I did a research course, a Mormon church group rented some lecture halls and dormitories for a summer weekend to instill racism and xenophobia in their offspring. 600 of them ate (including meat products) in our dining hall and generally got in students' way.

The night before they left, graffiti mysteriously appeared on the front door to the biology building (in which heathen researchers heartlessly murdered blue crabs for research). Spraypainted images of a dagger, Satan, etc., adorned the wall in addition to the following statement:


. . .

No further comment . . .

*For argument's sake, I say graffiti qualifies them for cult status . . . for more evidence, read Mrs_Talbot's second-hand account.
(Sun 29th Jan 2006, 4:14, More)

» Little things that turn you on

Bob Ross

I am ashamed.
(Fri 18th Feb 2005, 2:26, More)

» Shoddy Presents

i recieved a box of dental floss and was told that it was thong underwear for me.

I'm 15 year old male.
(Fri 24th Sep 2004, 0:44, More)

» Teenage Poetry

I used to write a lot of them. Some of my favorites:

"Where's all that blood from?"
"I've just one word for you, son.


Ear against the door
Pressing hard, I hear no sound.
Grandma must be dead.
(Thu 11th Aug 2005, 18:35, More)
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