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» Fire!

Pyromaniac Brother
Okay, who remembers the old calor gas fires? Well we used to have one near to the front door of our flat as you walked in, it was also where the stairs were to the flat and where we kept our bikes/junk. My brother used to be a right pyromaniac he was about 4 when this happened. One night he went down stairs to the lit fire and started poking bits of rolled up newspaper into the squares on the mesh gaurd. The newspaper must have caught fire and he came back up stairs and got into bed without saying a word thinking that he would probably be in big trouble.

Next minute i wake up and see smoke all around us in the room that i shared with my brother, i get out of bed and run into mum and dads room. MUM DAD THE HOUSE IS FULL OF SMOKE. Dad jumps out of bed sees where the smoke is coming from runs downstairs to see the left over newspaper at the foot of the fire ablaze half the carpet and a binbag full of clothes.

I don't remember a thing, mum reminded me of it a couple of years ago. Dad somehow put the fire out but apparently he was naked whilst doing so.

Mum says his pubes took a while to grow back.

Not that i needed to know that much detail about the story.
(Fri 4th Nov 2005, 14:43, More)

» Airport Stories

Christmas Do
Christmas 2004 the company i work for in Manchester paid for us (small branch 3 people and the boss) to fly to Edinburgh where our Head Office is based. The flights were booked by our office manager. Flight out of Manchester at 7am flight back at half ten that night. Sorted.

We arrived for a champagne breakfast and later a 4 course Christmas lunch followed by a few more drinks in Edinburgh town centre before heading to the airport for our flight home. Taxi to the airport please.

We arrive at the airport to be greeted by... absolutely no-one. A faint sound could be heard from a cleaner sweeping the airport. No flights were listed on the overhead screens and no-one could help us.

The dosey Office Manager had, as well as conveniently calling in sick, booked us on the 10.30am flight home that had originally took us up there!!!

The taxi home cost our boss £450! Not suprisingly last year for our Christmas do we went to a restaraunt probably about ten addresses away from our office!
(Wed 8th Mar 2006, 15:45, More)

» It was a great holiday, but...

Kavos 1999
Left school, decided to go on holiday with my best friend, we pretended we were 19 to get in with the fit lads by the pool. By the 3rd night we were well in there, going out with them at the night time and generally getting wasted.

Then one night Rob (let's call him that because it was 6 years ago and i can't remember his name) asked me if i wanted a microdot... me not knowing what it was but trying to be all cool pretended i did and said sure why not. This leads to a very messy night generally talking to someone i could see in front of me with very big eyes. As my state of mind worsens so does the conversation which goes something like this Me: oh my god your eyes are really big, your scaring me go away! (with alot more panick in it than that) At which point the lads we were with and the person i was shouting at to go away decide i was really wasted and needed to go to bed. Which as i had no control over anything i was doing, i did with their help.

The lads and best friend stay out chilling by the pool while i'm Zding back at the apartment, 2 hours later they all come back to find that our patio window had been smashed i'm lay in a bed with glass all over me still fast asleep. I remember having a dream that a mirror smashed but i had no idea what was going on around me!

They then had to get the security guard and the manager who decided that there was no way i could have slept through the whole thing and that i must have done it myself! This then turned the rest of the holiday into a nightmare as they wanted me to pay for the damage. I didn't have the kind of money to pay for a new patio so they told me they were keeping my passport until i paid up. 2 days went by still no money and so they tried to get me arrested and deported!

Thankfully they didn't and the holiday rep sorted it out and paid for the damage after about 3 days tho.

Moral of the story don't try to be big it's not clever.

Thanks First Choice!
(Thu 21st Apr 2005, 13:05, More)