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No one admitted to fitting the winch with a bungee rope...

(Thu 22nd Aug 2002, 23:00, More)

The worst job in the world is...
The plasticine animator! Woo!

(Sat 27th Apr 2002, 18:10, More)

Itchy and Scratchy....

(Sat 20th Apr 2002, 16:47, More)

For me, b3ta is a way of life!

HOT OR NOT? 1=bad 10=good ----->
(Fri 19th Apr 2002, 20:44, More)

b3ta broadcast....

(Fri 19th Apr 2002, 20:39, More)

You have 101 years to comply....

(Tue 2nd Apr 2002, 12:51, More)

Don't ask where i get these idea's from!

(Sun 31st Mar 2002, 12:55, More)

In respect to the Queen Mother, who never worked or lifted a finger in her life!!

(Sat 30th Mar 2002, 16:00, More)

Possibly No More B3TA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What will we do then????
(Sat 16th Mar 2002, 13:33, More)

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