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(Fri 16th Aug 2002, 14:34, More)


(Sun 4th Aug 2002, 17:32, More)

Do me a favour
Im off to Pathos for a week can anyone feed my cat while im away?

Try not to look like a mouse.
(Fri 24th May 2002, 16:10, More)

Tip of the day
If you see this in the video shop watch it.

He can change his apperence to look like anyone male or female
but you can tell its him cause every now and then...you guessed it
He picks his nose genius
(Tue 21st May 2002, 12:17, More)

This looks good

Can Falcons be gay?
(Tue 21st May 2002, 11:31, More)

Little known fact

hope im not time spazzing i dont think im insurred
for such an avent
(Fri 17th May 2002, 14:53, More)

As i suspected
Beneath that cool perenialy taned exterior lies the most evil creature known to
man the legendery Jive Bunny. Now you tell me have you ever seen Jive bunny and hasselhoff in the same room at the same time.

(Sun 28th Apr 2002, 18:16, More)

Smile for the camera
For fuck sake sly what did we agree about drinking tonight.
Now try and look happy we have just won the glass vagina award for hottest screen kiss.

(Sun 28th Apr 2002, 17:54, More)

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