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Not much to tell about me, so have a look at a picture of me:

If you desperately want to find out more about me, you can visit http://www.acheta.de. Most of you won't understand too much anyway.

So have some pictures I recently made for b3ta:

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blob, blob, blob

can't sleep.
(Tue 20th Jan 2004, 4:00, More)

here you go

(Wed 14th Jan 2004, 6:05, More)

morning all!

have a smoking prairiedog.
(Tue 13th Jan 2004, 8:53, More)

morning all!

have a praying mantis.
(Mon 12th Jan 2004, 7:19, More)

while kasparov is challenged

by X3D, karpov is looking for weaker opponents.

edit: yay, FP, thanks.
(Mon 17th Nov 2003, 1:24, More)

hello all and repost

back from a boring party and bored.
(Sun 5th Oct 2003, 4:32, More)

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» Claims to Fame

I had an affair with Winona Ryder
well, sort of. 10 years ago I sat in a cafe in San Francisco, she was jogging by and smiled at me.
(Tue 1st Mar 2005, 18:57, More)

» When animals attack...

dangerous seals (photo to prove it)
In the summer of '92 (thousands of seals had died due to a mysterious disease) I rescued a young seal that had been abbandoned by his mother. I carried him around the island I did my civilian service on and had a picture taken.

Instead of being grateful for his rescue the little bastard bit my in the shoulder. Exactly at the moment the picture was taken. A seal may look sweet to you, but believe me, the teeth are that of a predator and I still wear the scar.

Well, he had to suffer, too. The photographer took a second picture only an instant later and you can see me, appalled and hurt, hurling the seal away from me. With a sigh he landed on the hard sand. I don't think he made it through the summer.
(Mon 6th Jun 2005, 0:34, More)