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Avent been around for ages infact its been longer than a longest long thing.

Nothing to see here move on!!

email blah at donthaveaclue dot co dot uk

ooohhh look at all those litle redexs doon there changed hosts alot in the last 2 years.

It's still shite and cold up here in good ole Newcastle

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Kids games would never be the same

(Fri 28th Mar 2003, 13:49, More)

My new hand gun dog

not that amusing but had it in my head for ages :)
(Fri 14th Feb 2003, 12:00, More)

Im off to Hell

(Tue 14th Jan 2003, 11:52, More)

its a bit late but blueyonder wouldnt let me FTP

(Wed 5th Jun 2002, 14:29, More)

Sheer Class

(Tue 26th Mar 2002, 15:53, More)

Boss give me a job to do before i could make it look half decent

Paypal on its way Rob!
(Wed 20th Mar 2002, 9:08, More)

Sorry couldnt resist

Ok so the fork is crap but i only had 2 minutes to do it!!!
(Wed 13th Mar 2002, 13:36, More)

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