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Bored phone tech in Newcastle, I use B3ta to fulfill an otherwise dull day with smut and irellavance - a great use of anyone's time I feel.

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Once her socks slipped, Dorothy's favourtism became apparant.

FP? Blimey, thanks!
(Mon 8th Dec 2003, 16:29, More)

You want WHAT for Christmas?!?

FP - woo. And indeed thank you.
(Tue 25th Nov 2003, 12:32, More)


Woo Yay - first Front Page - thanks!
(Thu 25th Sep 2003, 14:39, More)

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» Mini Cabs From Hell

...But don't worry I don't mean taxi license...
When in Malaysia a couple of years ago and suffering a bad cold we were picked up by a taxi driver who took a shine to me. He kept suggesting Chinese medicine, but we managed to escape unscathed. 2 days later we were picked up by the same guy who proceded to grab my leg while shouting 'you look GOOD'. He then asked me to join him for a night of drug induced revalry at the local Liverpool FC bar (?) where he wanted us to chant for Everton, and then promised to take me to a techno club (at no point mentioning my companions in the back in this invatation). Then, while passing a police check he told us not to worry as he had only had a few beers, and that it wasn't a problem as he didn't have a license, for either being a taxi, or indeed for driving. Needless to say, we got out soon after.
(Fri 28th May 2004, 10:43, More)