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I used to be based in Brussels but now find myself in Bangalore drinking lots of gin and longing for the return of the Empire. And I'm back in Belgium for the moment.

Here's the bash bits :
Oxford Bash

I Scrobble

I also blog

Brussels bash photos

London Bash

This is me at the Oxford bash with booze and more chins than really necessary:

I am honoured to have had a baldmonkey poem about me:

you are a wolf what is lonely.
You like to be bridled
Like a half man half ponely.

I meant pony.
That wouldn't have fitted.

Goatworrier, the donkey toucher, wrote this about me:

A chimp lies dreaming under tree-shade,
dreaming dreams of lonewolfs winky;
His mind filled with last nights love-made,
and wondering why his ear is stinky.

About the rump which lonewolf entered,
the matted fur hangs rank and sticky,
He looks to find his member angered,
and proceeds to fiddle with his dicky:

Secretly old lonewolf ogles,
from a hide close to a furrow;
absently interferes with gerbils
like a perverted Attenborough.

On and on he looks agog
choking chicken like a mong;
Lonewolf gurns just like a warthog
milks the sex-piss from his dong.

Sprinkles dislikes me This makes me happy

And these are some of my (few and shit) images:

The fear in her eyes:

A Doves song:

And the B3ta Band:

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Best answers to questions:

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