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the neville
Duke of prunes
That schnurrr bloke

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my first ever post

flobble_1 at yahoo dut com

and heres a picture of nohands as a 20 something drug addict

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everyone loves flavor flav now don't they? especially me and clocks, here is a picture of a few clocks that were lucky enough to have their pictures taken with the clock master himself

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» Your Weirdest Teacher

I'm trying to be a stange teacher!
Just started teaching in a good old London comprehensive, remembering that kids used to pay attention to mad teachers i'm attempting to develop an oddity. My fellow teacher friend has bought a promenade cane and taken to smoking a pipe. I'm trying to develop a tick and pretend to mad, pour example, spending an entire lesson interpretting everything the kids say as being about Lord of the Rings and Gandalf fight with that firey monster
(Wed 9th Nov 2005, 21:59, More)

» Claims to Fame

Dermot O'leary used to be
my babysitter. Top bloke and he had long hair in them days
(Sun 27th Feb 2005, 20:47, More)

» Impromptu Games You Play

when i were a lad
at secondary school, we were forced to do the discus and shot put and stuff, so we used our special powers to make it a bit more interesting, thus invented 'pillage' a cross between the discus and crown green bowls. someone threw the jack out and then people 'bowled' or threw the discus trying to get it to land as close to the jack as possible. if it rolled over the jack, it was a rape, if it landed on the jack it was an anal, if it rolled across 2 or more other discus it was a gang rape, and if it landed it a a pile of 2 or more other discus it was a gang bang.

Incredibly tasteless, but it was fantastic fun, shame about our filthy minds and words, and my spelling
(Mon 29th Mar 2004, 20:53, More)

» Worst Record Ever

i had just got myself
some old decks from a uni college and had soldered and blu tacked them together. One of the arms had no weight so i made my own out of 2p coins and blutack. I made my own slip mats by purchasing a large ladies skirt from a charity shop and using the silky lining (never washed it i must add) and decided to try try my arm at that djing thingy magig. Went to some dance music shop where they had a sale and i found this little gem


I like a hell of a lot of music and my taste is very eclectic, but nothing prepared me for the vileness that is wank wank wank. I think its german, on the ACID WANK label, don't listen to it whatever you do
(Tue 2nd Dec 2003, 19:20, More)