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STILL HERE!! .. 25/8/15

STILL HERE!! .. 18/5/15

STILL HERE! .. 10/7/13

My first post on the board in a very long time.. "Meat is Murder!?"

Photographed this while making dinner earlier.. lucky slice :) CFB

Wow, 2013 already.. (posted 03/01/2013)

Summer. Supposedly.. (posted 20/7/2011)

15 weeks til xmas. (posted 8/9/2010)

Wow.. 2010.. nothing more to say here.

20-jun-2008 err.. stuff.. Oh! I know something new.. the new Punchline-o-matic is on my site.

25/12/2007 Errm... finally deleted that shitty page counter.. hasn't worked in years.. *tsk*

22-dec-2005 About time I updated my profile. Woo, two Fp's now! (There! Consider this updated.)

26-09-03 claim to fame! - got one of my remixes played on the b3ta show on resonance FM! ( I dont mind not having a front page pic so much now! :)

EDIT: Hold the front page!.. I DID get an FP..woo!!


OUCH!..update on the FP, because I pay for my hosting (for work reasons), when my "Rise of the Frogs" pic got FP'd, it cost me about £9 in extra bandwidth and that pic got over 300,000 hits and it took my server down for a few minutes at one point! I am not upset about this, in fact after the initial shock of it getting FP'd in the firstplace, I was overjoyed! DAMN, I love this place =)


Free Gift - Teh "Punchline-o-matic"

Now with added Quo.

- your party guests will love it!

100% lie (teh post)


I made this gif that fits within parameters of the board (less than 50k static image), but is unsocial to post it, it appears massive.

6075 x 1960

Possible to make one bigger?

Whatever you want to do...

I wouldn't promise to take it shopping for shoes!



He'll spit out YOUR pips! BIG


Baron Von Schumacher

Snowy was a twat to his cousin!

Have a minimalist wallpaper (1024x768)

Quick..turn on your telly!

or don't! =)

bit bigger

"Hull".. in no-smoking for that one :S

It seems this one went viral!..woo!

Have a useful protractor:

Hah!..Good thread too

Tell him your problems.. He is all ears, you know!

Meanwhile, In another dimension...

Compos be what compos must.

Seasons Greetings!

My First FP (so chuffed =)


My first post! - http://www.b3ta.com/board/1985856


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(Thu 2nd Nov 2017, 14:14, More)

(Fri 26th May 2017, 21:12, More)

They are coming..

(Tue 6th Dec 2005, 22:59, More)

Took waaay to long :(
(Fri 3rd Dec 2004, 1:30, More)

Best answers to questions:

» B3ta Person of the Year 2010


He makes my week with the newsletters.
(Fri 17th Dec 2010, 4:43, More)

» Panic Buying

Perfect in the morning..
FOUR EXTRA-WIDE SLOTS work in concert with self-adjusting grips to center bread for precise, double-sided toasting.

CANCEL, DEFROST & BAGEL SETTINGS allow you to customize the toasting process.

RETRO STYLED TOASTER beautifully accents any kitchen decor.

ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE SENSOR Advanced electronic sensor monitors the temperature and adjusts toast timing according to internal temperature of the toaster, so you get consistent toasting results batch after batch.


CRUMB TRAY slides out easily (and is dishwasher safe) to make cleaning a breeze.

EXTRA-HIGH LIFT LEVER makes removal of food easy and safe.

Yes... I bought the wife a toaster!

(seemed like a good idea at the time)
(Sat 31st Dec 2005, 0:35, More)

» Pretentious bollocks

Jamie Oliver!
..no, seriously!.. I mean, Spag-Bol with ground NUTMEG!!?.. Who is he fucking kidding!
(Wed 5th Oct 2005, 16:59, More)

» Killed to DEATH

One of our cats FAILED to properly kill a bird. My Mrs found it flopping around in our back yard in quite some distress.

Being the caveman I am, I knew that I could dispatch it with instant humane effectiveness.

Cue the garden shears..

Upon it's position I crept, to the flailing 'rock dove' (common pigeon).

With a deep breath, I extended the shears, then shot at it with the power akin to the power required to snip a thick stem of doc weed.

This did NOT work.

I was now gazing upon a mutilated creature with a broken neck, but all the skin and blood vessels required to keep the head attached and to motivate it to activate it's 'flight' reflex.

Cue five minutes of 'gag inducing' slashing at the said head in order to remove it.

Eventually, I did dispatch the poor creature, but it was far from pretty.

You asked for it. That is what happened.

Oh, the fun.
(Thu 29th Dec 2011, 4:52, More)

» Banks

I had a pound in an account with the Woolwich when I was at primary school.
I lost the book, I never closed the account.

I bet it is worth a few quid now.

Bless 'em, what with the credit crunch an all, they probably need it more than me now.
(Sun 19th Jul 2009, 2:34, More)
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