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Chap, 32, Edinburgh(ish)

mail me at sirjondangerous "swirly" yahoo "fullstop" co "fullstop" uk

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If you like you can look at my website. Mostly photos, with a little shoppage

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London Eye Phase 1 complete...

Phase 2 due April 2006...

Phase 3 due March 2010...

(Wed 5th May 2004, 15:25, More)

I want to see this...

(Tue 20th Jan 2004, 20:27, More)

Kylie had a few too many
at the office party and all the talk about her bum gave her an idea...

(Sun 30th Nov 2003, 16:13, More)

After a day's angling
The stories start...

(Thu 6th Nov 2003, 16:20, More)

Don't email Santa your Christmas list - you'll get a visit from Spamta

I posted this earlier, but had hosting problems and it redexed...
(Wed 29th Oct 2003, 21:27, More)

OK, now I KNOW I'm using the wrong type of nuts...

# 1
(Thu 23rd Oct 2003, 11:56, More)

Not many people know
that the first ninja movies starred Fred Astaire

(Wed 8th Oct 2003, 14:01, More)

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