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Danish and likes pastries.

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» Phobias

Carcrashes + crowds = hj's
I've been in three rather serious carcrashes since I was a child. The last one - about 4 years ago - left me with a rather pecualiar mental brain-poo: Sometimes, when walking down a crowded pedestrian street, (well, this gets a bit technical) one can momentarily find oneself on collision course with people walking in the opposite direction, until one of you change path (or, on some occations: bumps into you and probably steals your money). Well, whenever this 'about to collide'-thing happens to me, my brain freezes, adrenalin jolts through my body and I am stunned ½ a second. Of course, I enjoy this to the fullest extent, since the adrenaline thing turns this flaw into a very cheap extreme sport for broke pansies.
(Fri 11th Apr 2008, 19:38, More)