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smiffy, 39 from notts

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Hot Hot Hot!

(Thu 29th Dec 2005, 17:56, More)

Aw, let him have one..

(Mon 9th Feb 2004, 10:45, More)


(Mon 17th Nov 2003, 14:39, More)

Jane Austen

(Fri 17th Oct 2003, 10:53, More)

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» Lies Your Parents Told You

That when the ice cream van music plays
It means that they've run out of ice creams. bastards.
(Wed 14th Jan 2004, 13:54, More)

» Slang Survey

stuff that is broke innit. "am not coming out, me bike is bondexed" etc.
(Mon 2nd Feb 2004, 11:31, More)