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Hello, I'm Neal.
I live in Leeds, with several telephones and no cats.

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Paper jam? Hooray!

That'd be my first post, then. Yippity!

Edit: Thanks for the front-paging!
(Sat 3rd Jul 2004, 0:14, More)

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» Stupid Tourists

How handy!
A friend of mine overheard an American in Edinburgh commenting on how convenient it was that the castle was built near the shops...
(Thu 7th Jul 2005, 20:39, More)

» Irrational Fears

Superman II, argh!
Bingo Bango said:
Ooo ooo Superman II scared the shit out of me too when I was little when they caught some woman in a machine that turned her into some zombie/robot thing - I've never watched it since and never will.

Yeesh, thanks for dragging that one up...
I remember it being on TV and running from the room. Gave me nightmares.
It looked really painful.
(Fri 30th Jan 2004, 12:00, More)