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83yrs old

My hobbies include shooting at squirrels with my pressure washer, pulling legs off of small children and watching them run in circles.....hold on I think that might be spiders.

I smell of celery and have no sense of style...

Some people ask if this is really my body..... well I have a confession to make....... no its not, I had to have this one grafted on because I lost mine in a horrific childhood accident and I don’t really want to talk about it.



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» Voyeurism

The Shame...
I was at one of the Glastonbury Festivals with my boyfriend, my Brother and a Girl friend, she was just a friend not attached to any of us in the biblical sense. It was one of the first 'wet' festivals, it was great but very muddy. Anyway, after a very long and wet evening we walked back to the tent, the tent was a straight four man tent, no dividers, very small, we all were a bit merry and we had a bit of a laugh with the glow in the dark things, taking the caps off and swirling them around and making star bursts across the inside of the tent, eventually we decided it was time to turn off the lights and try to get some sleep. My boyfriend was obviously feeling very horny and he kept touching me and whispering in my ear, I replied, in a very stern whisper, that we were not in the tent alone and that surely he could manage without for just one weekend but he went on and on... he said it was ok and they were both asleep...to cut a long story short he eventually talked me into having sex, he even promised to not move much and to be as quiet as a mouse. Well we had barely climaxed and replaced our clothes when my brother piped up..."so is it time for a cup of tea now?" shortly followed by our friend saying "yes please, and how about a few biscuits I'm starving" Honestly I was completely mortified... my brother had been lying less than 6" away listening to me having sex and now my boyfriend was brewing tea for everyone as if nothing had happened..... if ever there was a better excuse for *coat then I would like to see it.
(Thu 11th Oct 2007, 19:04, More)