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im not here anymore

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"Shes beautiful...."

edited slighty, so not strictly a repost:) - click for bigger
(Sun 11th Jan 2004, 22:42, More)

(Fri 14th Nov 2003, 22:45, More)

(Wed 29th Oct 2003, 0:18, More)

now that IS a kind of magic....

(Thu 2nd Oct 2003, 23:59, More)

It takes years of dedication and practice
to reach this level of control..

(Sat 2nd Aug 2003, 5:42, More)

faster daddy, faster.......

(Sat 12th Jul 2003, 23:43, More)

(Sat 21st Jun 2003, 23:56, More)


(Thu 29th May 2003, 23:57, More)

You have to make your own entertainment....

(Fri 25th Apr 2003, 0:31, More)


(Tue 22nd Apr 2003, 23:45, More)

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