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im not here anymore

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"Shes beautiful...."

edited slighty, so not strictly a repost:) - click for bigger
(Sun 11th Jan 2004, 22:42, More)

(Fri 14th Nov 2003, 22:45, More)

(Wed 29th Oct 2003, 0:18, More)

now that IS a kind of magic....

(Thu 2nd Oct 2003, 23:59, More)

It takes years of dedication and practice
to reach this level of control..

(Sat 2nd Aug 2003, 5:42, More)

faster daddy, faster.......

(Sat 12th Jul 2003, 23:43, More)

(Sat 21st Jun 2003, 23:56, More)


(Thu 29th May 2003, 23:57, More)

You have to make your own entertainment....

(Fri 25th Apr 2003, 0:31, More)


(Tue 22nd Apr 2003, 23:45, More)

"....I dunno sarge, something about rebel scum..."

(Wed 2nd Apr 2003, 0:03, More)

The holiday was over, and it was time to go home...

(Thu 27th Mar 2003, 0:42, More)


(Sat 22nd Mar 2003, 23:19, More)

Bad Boy!

(Wed 19th Mar 2003, 21:58, More)

its my b3ta birthday, today!!

oops actually only 356 day - sorry
I have a terrible problem with
Premature Exclamation™
® pop_tart 2003

(Wed 12th Mar 2003, 22:50, More)

Droid school....

(Fri 28th Feb 2003, 16:01, More)

He's been wanting to do that for the past 4000 years....

(Tue 18th Feb 2003, 22:22, More)

Optimus Prime was late for the Bus again...

(now running BEHIND the tree! :)
(Mon 17th Feb 2003, 16:38, More)

Fredrick always cheated when him and Doris played pool....

(Thu 6th Feb 2003, 23:34, More)


(Wed 5th Feb 2003, 0:12, More)


(Tue 21st Jan 2003, 23:08, More)


(Thu 16th Jan 2003, 23:47, More)

No one cared that the sorting room was haunted,
just as long as he didnt make too many mistakes...

(Wed 15th Jan 2003, 23:45, More)

Nelly was wanted in connection with a series of armed robberies...

(Wed 15th Jan 2003, 0:02, More)


(Tue 14th Jan 2003, 14:07, More)

Mornin' Pilgrims, there's a new sheriff in town...

(Sun 5th Jan 2003, 0:54, More)


(Sat 4th Jan 2003, 0:32, More)

...he waited for over an hour, but his date never turned up......

(Fri 3rd Jan 2003, 1:00, More)

day 24

thanks to everyone thats helped me with these, and everyone one
who's given me a woo over the past three and a half weeks.
I love you guys:)

Feel free to visit the rest of them here
(Tue 24th Dec 2002, 0:03, More)

day 19......

more jeezy chreezy-ness
cheers to the person who emailed me to tell me that site had been put in the uboot newsletter:)

shit, im drunk!
(Thu 19th Dec 2002, 0:06, More)

Day 18

(Wed 18th Dec 2002, 0:02, More)

Here we are again, Day 16...

hark now hear, the angels sing...
(Mon 16th Dec 2002, 0:14, More)

Day 13...

(Fri 13th Dec 2002, 0:04, More)

Advent. Day 12.....
(half way through - woo!)

(Thu 12th Dec 2002, 0:00, More)

its midnight in beta-land
day 9

Jesus Christ, theres a site full of 'em!!!
(Sun 8th Dec 2002, 23:04, More)

Advent Calender - Day 4
well, its past midnight in b3taland!

You can see the rest of them here!
(Tue 3rd Dec 2002, 23:07, More)


(Thu 28th Nov 2002, 22:42, More)

hello buoys

(Thu 21st Nov 2002, 23:24, More)

I decided to confront my irrational fear......

(Sat 16th Nov 2002, 22:15, More)

Pope on a slope

(Wed 13th Nov 2002, 0:04, More)


(Tue 12th Nov 2002, 21:50, More)

was looking at a box of matches earlier.....

(Thu 7th Nov 2002, 23:08, More)

The gang decided that more decorum was needed at meal times....

click for biggy
(Wed 6th Nov 2002, 0:06, More)

harpican for popt_arts collection....

(Sun 27th Oct 2002, 0:07, More)

Its always nice to sing along in the bath....

(Thu 24th Oct 2002, 22:10, More)


was going to be animal related, but i got side-tracked!
(Wed 23rd Oct 2002, 23:04, More)

they grow up so fast

It doesnt seem five minute since she was in her pram
(Fri 18th Oct 2002, 23:20, More)


(Wed 16th Oct 2002, 13:52, More)


(Sun 13th Oct 2002, 13:38, More)

further to Peps haloween find....

(Sat 12th Oct 2002, 17:55, More)

If shes told him once,
shes told him a thousand times....

(Wed 9th Oct 2002, 22:47, More)

humming boy

(Wed 9th Oct 2002, 22:25, More)


(Wed 25th Sep 2002, 14:55, More)

i imagine this has been done by every pirate and his mate today,
but this is my version!

spent FAR to long on it, but learnt a few more tricks!
(Thu 19th Sep 2002, 23:17, More)

ive decided to make the lazy bastard earn his keep....

(Wed 18th Sep 2002, 23:15, More)

they start 'em young in Spain....

(Wed 4th Sep 2002, 11:15, More)

How petrol pumps work:

(Fri 2nd Aug 2002, 14:45, More)

sorry if this has been done..

(Wed 24th Jul 2002, 14:43, More)

Nice to see her giving something back to the community

(Fri 21st Jun 2002, 12:28, More)

trying to think of an amusing cuplet to go with this........

(Mon 17th Jun 2002, 11:24, More)

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