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I am Wasp Box, some people call me Waspy.

My username illustrated by Shazzoir

by the inimitable Smallbrainfield

Zombie Waspy by Happy Toast

A lovely picture by Ironman Testuo

featuring, clockwise from top left, DtH, Thor, Mugatu, me, Freebies, and 4dam

The Cherie Gallery

Download a PDF of the Mrs Blair calendar (NSFW)

And some press about the calendar:

Badge courtesy of PacheyPie

Furthermore, a special club award...

Sample BBC newsmash

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According to a colleague,
I look like this

My user name by


I have made a lot of owl hats, so I decided to display them:

My Monkey Beer Gallery

The origin of Monkey beer is here

It may not be surprising that I won this round of the hedgehog can never be buggered at all's "what's in the box" contest

A selection of my stuff


The rest of the Dogman series is here



Mr Chesterton

more Mr C






a while ago I passed the 1000 post mark, and marked that mark like this

This is Clive

more clive

I finally shopped a kitten

My username mashed by not_real

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Tufty Club Time
Remember Tufty, always look both ways

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with apologies to Mongychops

not to mention everyone else.

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Best answers to questions:

» Iffy crushes

Internet cunt Rob Manuel

(Thu 6th Oct 2011, 15:35, More)

» Your first cigarette

My first fag resulted from a challenge
Despite having been drinking heavily for a couple of years, I had resisted fags until I was 16. One pissed night a mate basically challenged me by saying "you won't be able to smoke because you've got asthma".

I could and I did, and what's more I thoroughly enjoyed it, even that very first one, and took it up hardcore from there.

My asthma got better from then.
(Thu 20th Mar 2008, 11:44, More)