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it was the 'thing' upstairs what was hiding him....

(Sun 14th Dec 2003, 14:48, More)

awwww. poor little monkey
(Fri 21st Nov 2003, 11:00, More)

bloody doctors...

always mucking about.
(Tue 26th Nov 2002, 10:49, More)

uumm. yes.
aaaw, isnt he a cute ickle soldier.
(Wed 4th Sep 2002, 8:36, More)


(Mon 22nd Jul 2002, 8:39, More)

it came in a dream...
and left in a bucket.

(Wed 5th Jun 2002, 11:22, More)

when will they ever learn??

clicky-spit here for bigger version
(Wed 15th May 2002, 10:17, More)

i dont know why. I thought I would go to hell.

but it looks suprisingly prettier than it should.
(Wed 1st May 2002, 21:54, More)

Lambuel Of God
to the slaughter.
well, i did say it would end badly.
(Thu 25th Apr 2002, 14:42, More)

when BEANS attack

(Thu 25th Apr 2002, 8:27, More)


(Wed 10th Apr 2002, 14:51, More)

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