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sometimes supercool, sometimes lesser supercool.

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» Have you ever started a fire?

me and my mates
used to love making bombs and stuff for fun, we loved to experiment a lot.
One night (about 3am) i decided that i wanted to make a "uber-bomb" to really impress my mates the next day. So i took all the kinds of flameble goodies i could find in my home. i.e. glue, thinner, gasoline... And start building a giant cocktail-mix of explosiveness...
unfortunately i spilled the highly corrosive fluid on my bedroom carpet causing it to burn right thrue. Forcing me to shift my bed to the other side of the room to cover the plastic-burn so my parents wouldn't notice...
After that i decided to throw away the leftovers because i already made another bomb using black powder...
But curious and foolish as i am: instead of throwing the mix away, i set it on fire and THEN threw it away, out of my window into the backyard... I was convinced the fire wouldn't last until the ground, but it did. So i had to go out (5 am and about freezing now) in my shorts to put the fire out.

And even worse: I was convinced my uber-black powder-bomb would surely make up for all of this mess. But unfortunately it didn't work proper causing it to explode to early and burn three little holes in my mates jacket.

luckily everybody had a good laugh at me considering my lack of capability last night...
(Tue 2nd Mar 2004, 18:49, More)