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» Foot in Mouth Syndrome

Shit happens
In front of my friends (including gay couple) my Mum turned to my Dad and said “The dog’s done a poo in the garden……… best you get out there and do some turd burgling”.

Naïve Mother insists that she was unaware of the connotations.
(Fri 23rd Apr 2004, 11:41, More)

» Impromptu Games You Play

Marry Shag Kill
Name 3 celebrities (or if you’re feeling cruel friends) and the other players must nominate which one they would marry, which they would kill and which they would shag. Start of easy with, for example, the 3 “same sex” actors from the cast of Friends; so for girls Joey, Ross and Chandler. You can then progress to really challenging slebs i.e. Pat Butcher, Dot Cotton and Bet Gilroy. Hours of drunken fun.
(Wed 31st Mar 2004, 11:45, More)