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I'll get you Dorothy
and your little dog too.

but mainly your little dog.

(Tue 18th Jun 2002, 1:29, More)


(Sun 12th May 2002, 19:02, More)

Vietnamese ad campaign
"wholly inappropriate", McDonalds later admit. etc

(Fri 3rd May 2002, 22:35, More)

Don't worry
Your ITV digital set top box will still receive hypnotic government penguin propaganda. From the seventies. Or something, etc

(Tue 30th Apr 2002, 22:46, More)

cradle. Behave.

(Tue 16th Apr 2002, 12:21, More)

My imaginary friend
is the one at the front with the ferrero rocher.

sorry Pizza I nicked your fly head from a while back...
(Sun 14th Apr 2002, 17:16, More)

Easter y'all and goodnight

(Thu 28th Mar 2002, 17:57, More)

Animals driving cars #6759
....a mole in a crashed virtual datsun sunny

(Tue 26th Mar 2002, 14:35, More)

hooray for free web space

20 squids in the post tomorrow b3ta people.
(Sun 24th Mar 2002, 19:35, More)

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