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You are aware I never come here?

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» Have you ever been dumped in a spectacular way?

When I was a young lad
I thought I was in love (we're talking 8 years old here or something) so started 'going out' with this girl. Hardly spoke to her etc.

Anyway, decided I was getting bored with her, so I got a video clip of the 1966 cup final, and just recorded the bit where he goes "they think its all over...it is now"

and gave it to her to watch.

Thought that was pretty nice :)
(Fri 18th Jun 2004, 10:22, More)

» People with Stupid Names

My computing teacher
was called Mary Hough (pronounced 'Huff), which makes a nice spoonerism if you ask me!

Oh yeah, My Dad's called Phil Collins, and my gran is called Joan Collins. How could i forget?!
(Thu 26th Aug 2004, 11:10, More)

» Old People Talk Bollocks

whats wrong with 'fork and knife'?
Makes sense to me. Its things you eat with.
(Fri 12th Mar 2004, 6:23, More)

» Pet Names

My dad had the great idea to call our dog Defa (as in D-for dog).
Its funny for a while, but after years of calling out the same name, it sorta wears off.
So we had him put down.
(Wed 25th Feb 2004, 15:10, More)

» Slang Survey

Its meant to be offensive to people with epilepsy - cus a fit used to be called a brainstorm.

Its just not pc
(Tue 3rd Feb 2004, 19:17, More)
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