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Bored as fuck IT worker, who is liking the 'B3tan ways' and what it is doing to me.

43, married w. two young sprogs and a Dog, called Dan.

Spend most evenings running a multiplayer clan
[DORK ALEEEEERRRRTT!! - bollox, I love it.]
The game is "Battlefield: 1942", the clan is 'Bruvers'.
We can be found at: www.Bruvers.com
32-player Game Server at:

We are currently recruiting, so get along to the site, if interested.
I can be reached by mail or MSN via: Marauder [at] Bruvers [dot] com

Domo's going south ... to warmer climes!
Scientists test the new 'Bloaty Head Removal Machine', which should clear this terrible disease, affecting most Hollywood film stars:

Fig. 1.


Please ..... Must ..... Sleep .....




This stinks.

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» Clients Are Stupid

Working as a 'Freelance' IT Upgrader/Installer/Troubleshooter in the evenings after work, I have come across some real 'gems'.
One in particular required me to visit a client's home and upgrade from Windoze '95 to '98SE.

When I initially arrived, the mouse was on a mousemat in the centre of the desk. Not too unusual, but when I looked closer, the mouse was 'facing the wrong way', in that the cable and the buttons were facing away from the monitor.

He explained that that was how he was shown to use it when he first got his machine (back in 1997!!), then mentioned how difficult it was to get the mouse to move in the right direction, etc.

I let him demonstrate this 'technique' and, after a couple of minutes of stifled laughter and watching him use BOTH hands to first move the mouse cursor to where he needed it (over an icon, for instance), he would then form his index finger into a pointy-hand, then very purposefully press down on the mouse button!

He was absolutely (GENUINELY) astounded when I span the mouse round 180 degrees and began to use the mouse er 'normally'.

As I left the house, he was praising my IT knowledge and thanking me for showing him a 'better way' to use his mouse!!
(Mon 29th Dec 2003, 17:41, More)