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Finally got my interweb sorted out.


After hard work, and despite a deliberately simple design - the thing doesn't do as its told.

Plus I'll finish it soon!

Let me have your comments via MSN Messenger [email protected]

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» My Worst Vomit

Imagine the Scene...
You're a middle aged couple sitting at a bench on the outskirts of a Northumbrian Village. Life is peaceful. The sun is beginning to set over the rolling hills and the birds a chirping. There is literally not another soul around for miles.

In the distance, you see a car making it's way down the road. It's the first car you've seen for a while, as it so gloriously quiet where you live. After a short while, the car starts to draw close, and you notice a young man sitting in the passenger seat. He's leaning out of the window, and it looks like he might ask you for some directions, but the car isn't slowing.

As the car reaches you, the young man in the passenger seat proceeds to spew hits guts up all over the path, splattering your shoes. The car continues down the country road without slowing.

My apologies to the couple in question...
(Tue 24th Aug 2004, 16:32, More)

» Best Comebacks

Old Student House
A regular visitor at a friend of mines house, the lack of radiators induced frostbite and all other maladies.

The living room in particuar could keep ice sculptures in pristeen condition, especially when the door to the kitchen was left open.

One evening, a group of us had gathered round and after getting a nice cup of tea I had neglected to close the door to the kitchen.

Greeted by a chorus of "Where you born in a barn?" from my mates, I casually looked looked up and said "No, I was born in a house with central Heating!"
(Fri 30th Apr 2004, 16:53, More)