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Timmeh! Timmeh! Timmeh! Timmeh!

To be honest the ALT text on my images is usually funnier than the pics themselves :-/

Anything older than 6 months that wasn't on the front page is no longer online I'm afraid, but you'd have to be insane to go off into the archive and look for... wait, I just remembered where I am :-p

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The Negotiator
~ Offer them fish ~
(Mon 6th May 2002, 2:52, More)

Breaking News #3
Psychotic capitalist trannie clown kidnaps British Monarch and acts out her public roles in bizarre sex-crime shocker:

~ My subjects, Woo! Yay! I got the crown, I got the throne, Bite meh royal ass ~
(Mon 6th May 2002, 2:27, More)

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