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Run Indy! Run! WAKA WAKA WAKA!
Christopher Ecclestone is the new Dr Who!
Saddam using Bio-Technology?
Heather McCartney is not a happy woman.
2001 - A Zombie Odyssey
Osama Goes Shopping
Neo & Agent Smith settle their differences over a game of Footy
BBC to produce their own cut price version of Kill Bill
Tiddles finally got fed up with next doors model aeroplanes
Sky Kittens
Scientific research with Monkeys had finally gone too far
Halloween 3 - Season of the B3ta
Lara gets a surprise
The Goodies get whats coming to them.
This was someones GF on B3ta. Can't remember who!
Space Balloon mission turns out to be a Clanger
Kids, they never listen.
Everybody Loves to B3ta Party
Rockstar reveal the new GTA title
The olde legend of Springheeled Jack revealed
Don't drop the baby!
B3ta Kitten Adventure
Big Brother's Nush mugged! CCTV reveals her assailent
Three. More like Six. Six. Six
The Doctor takes a dinner break

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Best answers to questions:

» World's Most Hated Food

...it's like the scene in The Fly where Brundle transports a steak through the telepod and gets Geena Davis character to 'test it'

Swede is what you get when you put a carrot through the same process. :(
(Mon 12th Jul 2004, 20:21, More)

» World's Most Hated Food

The Art of plate redistribution
I always hated school cabbage and mash. The best way to get past the old bat who would send you back to your table when you tried to escape was to redistribute the offending mash 'n cabbage around the plate to make it look like you had eaten some, or the MGS approach, to Snake Solid some of the cabbage by stealthy means of hiding under the mash.

And hope for the best.
(Mon 12th Jul 2004, 15:48, More)