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» Breakin' The Law

not technically mine, but i stood up in court...
a friend of mine won a prestegious place at uni, lense based media, any way. after a couple of months in halls there were some southerners accros the way pissing him off. he asked politely for them to keep it down, they told him where to go, he asked him again, they slagged off his northern accent. BOO. he decided that to shut them up by donning full black attire and whilst holding a replica MP5 machine gun ran around campus banging on their window shouting he would blow all their heads off ( insert eastern european accent). a few screams were heard but all fel quiet. he retires to his room with a smug feeling and a warm glow, knowing he had made the world a better place. 25 mins later i , his room mate, wake him up. the sounds of a helicopter and a bright light were streaming throught the window. we gingerly look out to see an SO19 unit, armed response unit and a shit load of police dogs moving towards the entrance. he gets up and goes to the door of the dorm. and is 'aprehended' (thrown to the ground and kicked the odd time) driven around in the back of a transit and taken to a fuzz station in north london. he was instantl expelled but i protested his innocence against the panel and gave him a caractor reference in court. he was let off in the end. now he is at manchester uni. not all bad then eh?
(Thu 8th Jan 2004, 17:28, More)