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» Join us... come join the cult

International so-called Church of Christ
Since someone else already pointed out the ICOC, I'll keep it short- 11 years in a pseudo Christian group that for years used to spout that only they were going to Heaven as only they followed the Bible exactly. (Of course, we tended to keep this to ourselves as it used to alientate prospective cult-members). Only after we "love-bombed" them good and hard did we go through the "studies" to convince them they had to join in order to get to God- about 50 well chosen scriptures (out of how many? 20,000?)
This church had (and to this day, still has) many "sold-out" believers who basically follow a basic American fundimentalist program, all the while tithing their pants off and getting new recrutes- the only way you're going to heaven , you know, so shut up, obey your leaders, and keep it growing.
Things got a bit bogged down a few years ago after the leader - Kip McKean- and his wife were "retired" after their marriage started to show considerable strain. Their kids didn't want to join the cult- a big no-no for any leader. And they stupidly had bragged about how the financial books were "always open", since we're so f***ing righteous.
Well, people finally got up the stones to say, "let's have a look at those books, please". *********Clampdown Time.*******

Sinse then the whole things been in free fall, with various factions- most cults go out with a whimper, not a bang
For me, it meant giving up drugs, some kinky sex, and pony up about $20 k per year. Ouch!! Only 11 years, though. Double Ouch!!!! I finally got kicked out when they preached that anybody who want's to continue with the financial investigations are not welcome. Thank You God!!
I'm currently glueing my life back together, but the process is a little like grieving- you don't realize what will happen when your entire social system gets pulled out from under you. Mucho anger and wierdness ensued for some time. Now it's just a bit (extra) red wine at dinner, begging the wife for a bit of the ordinary, and putting the extra 20K per annum into real estate.

Oh yeah, and not have to jump whenever those assholes said so, and now far fewer, but more real friends.
Thank you, Jesus. Amen
(Fri 27th Jan 2006, 11:44, More)

» My Worst Vomit

Vomit in all it's glory
Ah, the good times!
#1- Major drinking following a rugby match in Ohio while at college. For some reason (most details of the following stories may contain slight lapses of information due to brain malfunction) I found myself in my friend's car, front seat, the ride we were eventually going to drive back in. Much up-chucking follows, but unfortunately I am not drunk enough to pass out yet. I decide in order to clean up the mess, I need to rinse the car out, and go get a fire exstinquisher, old type, water under pressure. I pull the lever thinking this will be a quick clean, and spray the entire car, roof, back seat, every where, with my afternoons beer intake, along with various digestive fluids. Did I mention the ride was for 5 members of the team, 3 hours, ice cold outside, and had to be done with windows wide open? I won "Interior Decorating" award end of season.

2# Visiting older brother at his school, and very excited about partying with the big boys. Went to bed totally sloshed, did a push up in bed, puked, and then laid back down for a good's sleep. Nothing like waking up to chicken and rice vomit in your ears, face, hair, etc. I swore that morning I would never drink again. By 2:00 o'clock that afternoon I was naked in front of many strangers at the swim party- oh, well.

3# Working as a conservation aide in New Mexico, and rooming with a couple of Mexican guys, who decide to show "whitey" some of the ropes. They take me to Juarez (an entirely different subject, upon which I will post when $5 prostitues is the subject), we bought a bottle of tecquilla and some very strong "smoke", and went back to crash.. Entire bottle of drink (which was not of the highest caliber of quality) was drunk between us in 45 minutes. I slept that night on a water bed with no frame, just a big water bubble, and every time I needed to retch I just would shift my weight and kind of slide toward the floor. I'd spit up, and glide back into my original position. I had a hangover for three days, exacerbated by the New Mexican sun.

I suspect I have many more stories to "brag" about; I just can't remember them.
(Fri 20th Aug 2004, 14:54, More)

» Guilty Pleasures

guiltier pleasures
picking and eating boogers
picking and eating black heads
picking and eating scabs
picking and eating toenails (occasionally, if they're not too tough- the chewy ones can get a bit stuck in ones throat)

sexual guity pleasures to follow in secoond post
(Sat 9th Apr 2005, 11:25, More)

» People with Stupid Names

goofy names
a honey farmer from Nova Scotia my grandparents knew-

Downey Foot

(Wed 1st Sep 2004, 18:27, More)