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» Running away

Ahh! Non-Twins!
I was a pretty pathetic case as a child with only one friend, a girl, named Natasha. My parents were always very protective, so it was quite a surprise when they dumped me outside her front door while they went shopping.

Everything was fine for the first minute or so, until her two friends and neighbours came along.

Now, let me paint a picture of the two sisters who stood before me. Imagine identical twins, creepy twins, wearing the same clothes and Christian grin. Now, that would be scary enough, but one of the “twins” was around two years older than the other.

Much to my surprise, an involuntary screech echoed from my seven-year-old gob, and I ran for home. It took me a mere second to reach home, where I was greeted by my mother who promptly drove me back to my only friend and told her “Sorry, but he doesn’t want to play with the girls,” in a highly patronising tone.

I’ve been a loner ever since.
(Sun 13th Aug 2006, 15:20, More)