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im not british, but i still can make mad-crazy stuff in photoshop.

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» Premonitions

I have premonitions all the time, but about really stupid things - like pouring a bowl of cereal, or accidentially bumping into someone who is tying their shoe.
(Sun 21st Nov 2004, 19:05, More)

» You're a moviestar baby

My stepdad's best friend had a minor role as a squash player in this one tim allen movie, and I was on the local news for a gollum impression at my state fair. as for background stuff, countless.
(Thu 11th Nov 2004, 23:53, More)

» People with Stupid Names

heres mine
My english teacher is named Uma G. Dumas. I am not joking. I'm guessing her first name was "Ima", but she legally changed it. :P
(Thu 26th Aug 2004, 23:33, More)

» World's Most Hated Food

Stove top
Really, think of how disgusting it would be from an outsiders view; to cram soggy bread crumbs up a turkey's ass, then eat it and call it tradition.
Then again, it is quite the american tradition to shove things up people's asses these days(if you get my drift).
(Tue 13th Jul 2004, 16:33, More)