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» Conned

stop me if you Heard It All B-4
Do the english understand any dif tween a "Con" -
(connaivance performed upon the unwilling
and uninformed for gain)
and "sophmoric alcoholic pranking"
(done for half-wit laffs among incest survivors)?

Telephone tomfoolery is coming-of-age classic.
Not a way to take it easy.

Texting friends anon does not criminals earn their keep.

Thugs, louts, shoplifts, brawlers and clip joints-
these are your 'classless' cut of crime.

A ConMan is first a liar - and so convincing.
If first-class, flawless as a pimp.
But he's safe, he's conservative,
and more: your Very Friend.you want to trust- and you'll never fear.
For his soul has stolen off.

But more important with every Con is the revelation
Good will for fellowman must be lost for you.
Thus "The Mark" they mention is innocence.
& But If
Today we have people posing as "X" and everything online...
Do these truly skate above any station -
Could this cause any threat to capital commerce at the nation?

And should the reporter get off -
get caught -
and get away- ???

Over here I think we'd call that "dalliance".
Something men in millions will pay willingly.
Rather Business As Usual over high-class hold-up.

Anyone see where we're headed?
Con's costly -And clever. Non de cliche.
ConMan likes clean living too.
Do we maybe just breed these tougher out west?

after all:
The Con our man has run on y'all-
it's of the 'world class'.
Should it occur ever to you brils, already:
everything online's possibly a lie ...

It's the lie! Don't believe this.

your fields may remain evergreen
(Thu 18th Oct 2007, 18:29, More)