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» Dad Jokes

2 jokes
1. Whenever leaving the house, or going somewhere, if my Dad was watching me go, after about 15 seconds he'd call me back. I'd turn around, walk back and he'd ask "How far would you have got if you hadn't come back?".

Took me years to spot this one coming and be able to call over my shoulder "twice as far up the road" without turning around.

2. At the dinner table, whenever we had food that involved either mustard or custard being on the table he'd ALWAYS pronounce them "mouse-turd" or "cows-turd" (as in "Pass the mouse-turd") with a hug grin on his face becasue he was being funny and rude at the same time in front of my Mum.
(Thu 11th Dec 2003, 13:49, More)