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So Moses thought being undead would be cool...

poor love.
(Tue 17th Feb 2004, 17:29, More)

blimey - Violet and Moses just sent me this,
for the comp. Bless 'em.

click for more
(Fri 19th Dec 2003, 16:16, More)

ahh, a present!

more here...
(Mon 22nd Sep 2003, 17:56, More)

well, she seems nice enough...

(Wed 4th Jun 2003, 12:36, More)

ooh, nice hair

actually it's a bit crap, but there's more here
(Fri 23rd May 2003, 11:45, More)

first comp entry in ages...

(Mon 7th Apr 2003, 14:27, More)

Violet loved playing with her little brother
but she took it very seriously

(Mon 24th Mar 2003, 10:27, More)

younger brothers are such a pain.

(Wed 12th Mar 2003, 11:28, More)

in sympathy for the kids in
this picture and others like them...

poor little kids...
(Mon 27th Jan 2003, 15:45, More)

this is a real photo
but you will not find it on the interweb. The original has been destroyed by Palace officials.
I believe it secretly won photo of the year.

(edit - with thanks to manic for the sortoforiginal pic)
(Thu 26th Sep 2002, 13:02, More)

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» Stuff You've Overheard

Top media tip
overheard (last year though - so careful with your pitches) on a train, spoken by two people that were heading for the bbc.

'oooh yes, history is marvellous right now. It's the new gardening'

(Thu 10th Jun 2004, 16:58, More)