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» Have you ever started a fire?

Fire, oh yes...
I need to explain it fully... well possibly.

Not many months ago, I came back from the pub after a student gathering, rather drunk, escorted by my girlfriend's elder brother and herself. I got into my house, went up to me bedroom and switched the PC on so I could make some random drunken animations. After a while I decided to go into the garden for an abnormal smoke (I'm not a tobacco fan, see). One led to two, and escalated to many. I walked back into the house, very much out of it at this point... went upstairs, and realised I smelt really badly of the afformentioned substance. Worried (an unsuprising after effect) I threw after shave all over myself to rid me of the smell, I hadn't realised that in doing this I'd covered my entire bed thickly in the best part of an expensive bottle of the stuff, so, I sat down at the PC and started playing with a light... the lighter flew out of my hands, spectacularly, when it set my hand on fire due to the aftershave on it, this had coated the lighter which turned into a ball of fire, which in turn landed on my bed. Cue foot high flames coming off of my bed... not knowing what to do, I folded the duvet and jumped on it hoping to put the fire out... thankfully it worked, and the lighter didn't explode on me.
(Tue 2nd Mar 2004, 21:45, More)