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Say 'hallo' at [email protected] or do the whole myspace thing at myspace.com/simonswatman

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when things got too much...
He turned to the Haribottle

(Tue 24th Feb 2004, 15:30, More)

Aww shucks... if he aint THE CUTEST LITTLE GUY ever!
cuddle shipman
(Mon 22nd Jul 2002, 11:35, More)

shadow narrative?
(Mon 17th Jun 2002, 13:52, More)

my turner entry
Be thankful I made it so small.

Oh yes, and yay England.
(Fri 7th Jun 2002, 13:39, More)

when miffy met hedley

(Tue 23rd Apr 2002, 14:26, More)

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