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yoyoyo. im cool. yo...

dig my coolness at duckrogers21[aaaaaaat]hotmaildotcom

www.spacemag.co.uk is VERY good for you

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» Foot in Mouth Syndrome

one time, whilst driving, oh so many years ago...
my dad got pulled over for speeding.
"but officer, i was only doing 50 miles an hour" to which the officer slowly turned around, outstretched his arm, and pointed to a 40 sign, right in front of us. craaaaziness. *woop woop* (that's the sound of the police)
(Tue 20th Apr 2004, 22:39, More)

» It's not me, it's the drugs talking

magic mushrooms
are the greatest things ever. laughing so hard that i was crying in my local tescos at midnight, solely due to my peshwari naan appearing to talk to me. then again, my eyes had been streaming with water for a good 4 hours from a rigid smile on my face. everything is good and wonderful on shrooms. and now you cannae buy any anymore.

those mad, mad politicians and their flying machines. :(
(Fri 16th Dec 2005, 2:59, More)