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» Insults

Dude, you're well skilled!
K2K6 said "Skill, according to our tiny minds, was an African Bum Disease." I heard it was an acronym for Silly Kid In Lezzy Land"!
(Sat 6th Oct 2007, 23:47, More)

» Terrible Parenting

Defending yourself
I'll try to keep this short 'cos you've read a lot already and I can't be bothered with details when this may not even get read.

So I started school age 5, made some friends and all was going well. Fast forward a couple of years and my parents decided I should go to a catholic school. All the friendships I had forged were gone and I was alone in a new school surrounded by people I didn't know. I was an easy target and the bullies knew it. The bullying started and I was instantly avoided so making new friends nearly impossible.

Forcing me to move schools was not the worst part though, it was the fact my dad was quite under the thumb and so I was more under my mothers control, which meant I never learnt how to defend myself. "Just ignore the bullies and they'll go away" they said, they still haven't learnt the lesson. I was harrassed and was always the butt of jokes almost non-stop for around ten years until I quit full-time education. I still find it hard to know if a person is just making a joke.

Now in my 30's, never having passed an exam, or had a job or relationship that lasted due to being too nice, I'm still trying to correct the problems. They still reminisce over being the cute five year old before they fucked me up.

A WARNING to all parents: if you fail to teach your kids from an early age how to fight back against bullies, then you may consign them to a lifetime of therapy.
(Sat 18th Aug 2007, 13:41, More)