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I thought about making a really snazy profile. Then i thought, meh, screw this. As such this is my profile.

Yeah, theres nothing here.

No really, don't bother doing any more scrolling, there is nothing here.

Yep still nothing here, yet you're still scrolling. You never learn do you?

Still nothing here.

Told you there wasn't going to be anything here.

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» Best Graffiti Ever

In Paris, France

It's a 'Coq au Van'.

God i'm childish some times.
(Sat 5th May 2007, 17:05, More)

» Missing body parts

I can taste my balls...
I have two false teeth, not strange enough but since i knocked them out the bone dissapeared at the top of my jaw.
I now have a piece of my crotch keeping my teeth in.

Lovely i know.
(Thu 1st Jun 2006, 20:56, More)

» Best Graffiti Ever

In Brisbane, Australia
All over the city there is just "MANMAN". They have clearly been painted with a roller brush and are about 10 foot high.
Whoever is doing them is a genius.
(Mon 7th May 2007, 17:56, More)

» My Worst Vomit

A few years ago
I went round to a mates house for the standard let's get drunk off cheap beer scenario. Which i duely did. After a while of this, i was feeling fine and decided to go for a dump. I don't know whether the force of the dump or the beer caused me to pass out but i did. I remember waking up with my face in a sink full of vomit, turd hanging down and my troussers round my ankles. I drained the sink, shook the turd off and went back to sleep.

My mate took photos. The fuck.
(Sun 22nd Aug 2004, 12:18, More)

» Irrational Fears

White socks
Somewhat weird but, I have a fear of wearing white socks with black trousers or black shoes.
I have a nightmare that i'm walking down the street wearing a black suit and black shoes, yet white socks. It scares me witless every time.
Its wrong.
(Thu 29th Jan 2004, 18:29, More)
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