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I always wondered who her dad was.

grazzie fp :)
(Fri 24th Sep 2004, 19:29, More)

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» Little things that turn you on

A lovely hot...
Cup of tea.* Mmmmm.

*With a biscuit!
(Fri 18th Feb 2005, 15:56, More)

» World's Most Hated Food

Not a food but a soft drink native to Malta. It's made with herbs and bitter oranges (interesting combo). Going down your throat it's fine, but the aftertaste, Sweet Jesus the fucking aftertaste!! I wretched, heaved, coughed and spluttered.

You can easily replicate the taste by taking a glass of coke and pouring the contents of your ashtray into it. Fag ash + coke = Kinnie. And this is the best they could come up with for a national drink? Better to drink one's own piddle methinks.

(Wed 14th Jul 2004, 19:30, More)

» World's Most Hated Food

This is the most putrid ingredient in existence. You might as well pour half a bottle of Chanel No.5 on your food, it has the same effect.

I managed to pebbledash the wall of a Thai Restaurant because of this stuff. What the hell is the point of using Lemongrass in food when it overpowers all others tastes so completely?
(Tue 13th Jul 2004, 18:41, More)