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AIM screen name: iamBillyCorgan
Yahoo: abrannum_iss or silent_epiphany

Amoreena is I. I am a corporate tool that works ten hours a day, five days a week. I sit behind a monitor all day with a vacant stare. B3ta, SomethingAwful, Maddox and Matazone keep me sane I must say, among other sites I come across.
I like to mock Blogs and Live/Dead/Rotten Journals. I really do not have much of a life besides pissing my life away making money that I do not get to enjoy because it all goes to shitty chinese food and taxes which are being put to nobles causes...like an Aztec statue of a snake that looks like a massive turd. No. Really. It does.


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» Slang Survey

Annoying ones
"TP"- stands for "toilet paper", group of friends would refer to homosexuals as "TP".
As with "skittles", "fruit loops", and "butt buddies" ....no clue.

"It was/is all bad"- When something sucks. Like this phrase.
"Like woah" -some stupid flat-chested cuntrag, coined this phrase in a stupid song for something OUTRAGEOUS. Yeah.

A net one: "PWNED"...next person to PWNED me will suffer dire consequences involving a bamboo stick, KY jelly, tabasco sauce and a case of the clap.
(Thu 5th Feb 2004, 20:39, More)

» Lies Your Parents Told You

I hate turkey.
As a kid, and even now, I really never liked Turkey. Only during Thanksgiving do I eat the stuff. One Thanksgiving forever tainted my Turkey cravings. We usually cut the turkey and bring it to the table instead of carving it at the table. When I was around 9, I reached for the juiciest, most appealing piece of turkey that caught my eye, which at the same time the rest of the family avoided. As I was munching away happily, I noticed my two demon brothers laughing away in the corner. My godmother told me "Don't mind them, mija, the FUNDILLO is the best tasting part", "umm... what's the fundillo?" My brother piped up: "THE TURKEY'S ASSHOLE!!!"
(Thu 22nd Jan 2004, 0:37, More)