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All my old webhosting went to shit, so none of the old FP's work. Bollocks to it. :)

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Regarding the bunnies below. I'm going to hell.

(Sun 16th Jun 2002, 22:17, More)

Early signpost.

(Wed 12th Jun 2002, 11:24, More)


(Sun 19th May 2002, 11:05, More)

Hmm, dunno if it's been done already but......

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» Being told off as an adult

Apparently i'm old enough to own a car
but not old enough to look like i'm not going to steal it.

This was a little while back but i was still about 22 or so, i'd just got back to my car from doing some shopping and i decided i'd hang around and have a cigarette before driving home, not at all uncommon.

So i was stood there, leaning on the boot of my car, smoking away, no other cars nearby, just my unshaven self and my Saxo.

Along toddles a rather stern lady with a distinct air of headmistress about her who proceeded to berate me about my current proximity to my own car.

"Get away from that car" she bellowed at me, i ignored this because why the fuck would i be getting told to get away from my own car.
"Excuse me, move away from that car!" Again, slightly more angry this time.
"What?" I replied, looking pretty dumbfounded.
"You shouldn't be leaning against someone else's property, you'll damage it, get away!" Finally the crazy broad was making sense, bizarre, ignorant sense.
"It's my car, you know." I replied
"No it's not, get away from it!"
By this point my mouth was open and i really just didn't know what to say. I decided the best idea would be the take the keys out of my pocket and demonstrate, as if to a toddler, how the key -- lock -- open door scenario works, to which she hmphs and promptly walks off without so much as an apology.
(Thu 27th Sep 2007, 9:10, More)