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» Pet Names

cats and dogs
My first cat's name was PeeWee (yes, after PeeWee Herman) I was like 4 at the time, and LOVED PeeWee's big adventure and bigtop PeeWee.

My dog (who we got a year after PeeWee) was originally going to be called Tinkerbelle. Then I reconsidered and called her Jess after Dog's girlfriend from Footrot Flats (what an awesome comic strip/movie)

PeeWee then proceeded to chase Jess up and down the hallway of our house. He was larger than her at first, but not for long. No matter though, as he was always boss, always beating her up, even tho he grew into a large black tomcat and she into a half lab half ridgeback and was like 5 times his size, he had no inhibitions about scratching her face up if she hassled him.

Then my mum got a cat about 7 years ago and wanted to call him Iggy (Pop), I wanted to call him Todd (Rundgren) but we compromised on Eos (God of Dawn in Greek) cause he is a blue/grey colour. Now he gets called "Asshole" or "Uss" as in (P)uss(y).
(Thu 26th Feb 2004, 13:01, More)