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I've changed my password to something I'll never remember and made the email address attached to my b3ta account impossible to get into. So don't bother messaging me in any way - I wont reply.

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» Spoilt Brats

I wonder if this has been done..
..Seems rather obvious to me but is a bit different to the other stories I've seen here.

Music lovers are spoilt in this age.. that's my stance. I've got no love for most of the record industry and believe CDs should be going for more like 2 quid than 12, but it's suddenly become nigh-impossible to make any sort of living out of making records, for obvious reasons to do with the internet.

It's not just a financial problem.. Seems that the whole experience of "owning" music has been degraded horribly. In an era when you can attend a fun "file-sharing party" (sounds like a lot of fun) and download 80gb in a few hours, notions of taste and discrimination go out of the window and appreciation of the music plummets. The few remaining vinyl-lovers are mocked and it becomes acceptable to blast whatever Shaz gave you at the weekend through your tinny phone at the bus stop like an aural STD.

I like to get home, make a cup of tea, roll a cigarette, dim the lights.. whatever - make preparations - then select a record from a crate, obsessing over the perfect choice, then sit back and appreciate it fully. After about 20 minutes side one will be over and then you have to flick it back over or choose another record. No-one understands the appeal of that anymore.

So, music-lovers are spoilt. On the flip-side winamp and last fm have served me well for parties and just monging in front of the computer, and I will admit to downloading stuff for free and not feeling guilty about it but.. it leaves a bad taste in my mouth ultimately and I will always go back to my record collection.
(Tue 14th Oct 2008, 16:49, More)

» Customers from Hell

My last job..
..was working in a wine shop, with the rather impressive title of "Wine advisor", not that I had any qualifications other than an unhealthy appetite for red wine, and the finer the better.

We also sold the best single malt whisky selection in town, which attracted the weirdest customers - whisky fans can be pretty obsessive.

Every Saturday morning, about 10am, this one guy would come in with a bag bulging with 6 or more rare whiskys he'd acquired - on any given day this bag would have been worth at least 200 queen-heads.

No matter what was happening in the shop he would corner my boss - my most knowledgebale person I've ever met about fine booze without getting stuffy about it - and bring the bottles out one by one, for tasting, and over the course of an hour my boss would get sozzled on fine whisky while listening to the most boring man in the world drone and lecture about whisky in the most mind-numbing way possible.

My boss was being polite. He appreciated tasting what otherwise he would only taste rarely, but not at 10am on the busiest day of the week, and with someone he can't enjoy it with.

By about 11:30 my boss, and sometimes myself too, would be light-headed and merry (I'd sometimes get 2 or 3 shots out of the 8-10 dispensed, as a way of sparing the boss), bimbling and giggling round the shop, laughing at the customers like a couple of little girls.

By about 2 in the afternoon the alcohol would wear off and we'd crash horribly, realising that we had another 5 hours ahead of us - Satuday afternoon/evening being the worst shift going.

Not sure he was really such a bad customer - we got to taste some great whiskys and get temporarily smashed at work - but Saturdays would have gone so much more smoothly without him. Apparently he also had bags of watches and and antiques that he'd then take round other shops and bore other shop workers with, then presumably he'd go home to sleep it off and cry.
(Sat 6th Sep 2008, 18:41, More)

» Kids

I used to think..
..that the reason my grandad was bald was because he got his hair shot off in the second world war.
(Fri 18th Apr 2008, 13:16, More)

» Thrown away: The stuff you loved and lost.

My dad's vinyl collection
I'm an avid collector of vinyl records. For reasons I can't be much bothered to argue about these days it sounds far superior to CD/digital to me. I hoard as much as I can get my hands on, within reason - the Perry Como records stay in the charity shop..

Growing up in the 60s, my dad bought lots of vinyl and his collection grew to be a fair representation of what was cool back then. I remember leafing through it when very young and would love to get my hands on it now..

However, when I first started collecting vinyl I enquired as to where I might find his collection. Neither of us could find it anywhere in the house. Nobody appeared to know anything about it.

A few years later I'm having a drink with my younger brother, who is also introducing me to weed - something he has been heavily into from the age of 12, while I was shy, retiring, studious and would rarely even have a glass of wine with Sunday dinner. He's regaling me with tales about weed and the subject gets on to the pains of doing without..

It turns out that he sold my dad's entire vinyl collection to his dealer when about 15 because he was that desperate. TWAT!
(Thu 14th Aug 2008, 16:48, More)

» Karma

I've just taken some valium
After a depressing stressful day everything's calmer.
(Wed 27th Feb 2008, 21:26, More)
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