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» When I met the parents

the damn chairs
Well, I had a problematic relationship with the chairs of my former parents-in-law. One of the first times I came there I sat at the kitchen table and they had these chairs with one weak point in them. You can guess it, the chair I sat on cracked which lead to many jokes about my weight. Hmm, no fun.

But the 'dad' fixed them by putting a lead pipe in the broken leg. Some time later I came over again. I sat down quite carefully, but I still really had no idea. It went fine for a while, until wanted to sit in a different position, moved my ass and...CRACK. Second chair with a lead pipe in the leg.

Hmm, okay, so I went allright for a while. Until I broke another leg of a chair which already had a lead pipe in one the legs. *sigh* I really couldn't sit at the table anymore, so I tried sitting at the bar. Kept that up some time. Until the weather got better. And we sat outside...and I went through the damn outside chair as well. Well, the relationship is over now and I blame the damn chairs.
(Fri 20th May 2005, 23:40, More)

» Obscure Memorabilia

a rat on a piece of stone
I came second in a talent scout and won a plastic rat glued to some piece of rock and it's (poorly) sprayed in silver. And it makes a noize when you squeeze it. And that's what I won for writing a story. Damn, life sucks.

Oh, I also have a piece of the Red Square in Moskou. It's a stone. I should throw it away. Some day. Not now. Because it annoys my girlfriend.
(Wed 10th Nov 2004, 20:40, More)

» Vandalism

The day after
When I was about sixteen I had my birthday party in the small little village I lived in. After watching a boring movie we decided to go out on a walk in the village. The dull village with not much to do. So to amuse ourselves we turned to petty vandalism. Rolling down a sun curtain from a shop, turning upside down a concrete flower basket on the street. Little rascals that we were.

Next morning I went to the shops with my mother. She saw the results of our little vandal spree and ofcourse she dissaproved. "Who would do such a thing!" Like the little hypocrite I was I could only agree: "Terrible, yes, really terrible, I would never do that mum." I still feel a little ashamed. My life is boring, I know.
(Sat 9th Oct 2010, 23:37, More)

» Useless Information

there are 2945 facts
on this site with useless facts
(Sat 19th Mar 2005, 17:16, More)