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ist are coming to dominate you!

As the World Tour commences, any support from b3tans or 4rthurians would be MASSIVELY appreciated.
I'm putting as many gigs up on the schedulers as I can.
If you can make it to a gig we will gladly give you badges, sign stuff and even dedicate some songs to you - that's the kind of band we are.

Left to Right:
Na'im Cortazzi - of Happy Mondays and Fun Lovin' Criminals fame.
John Barrow - of Iggy Pop and Beautiful South.
Gaz Birtles - of Fun Lovin' Criminals, Beautiful South and Yellowbelly.
Dunno who this lady is!
Kenton Hall - Singer, songwriter, composer, poet, obsessive compulsive, guitarist.
Kevin Hewick - 80's legend! Also of New Order fame.
Mrs Flash - lady wife of Uncle Flash.
Brett - that's madrabbi to you. Multiple Guitars, bassoonist, orchestral arranger, conductor & tallness.
Uncle Flash - Drums, congas, timpani, volume. Also of Yellowbelly.
Scottish John - Bass and cigarettes. One time player with Hue and Cry.

Album on sale at Amazon, Rough Trade, HMV and many other reputable outlets!
I haven't always got time to put every gig on the scheduler.
Here's the constantly updated list - www.istianity.co.uk/gigs.htm


Thanks to you all,

Evil Dick
I'm the guy on the Bassoon!!

Many thanks to
Not Real for paintmashing my username!!

I Rode A One-Man Bandwogan, but then it kinda became a bit more popular... see below

I'm quite pleased with the idea behind this one (execution leaves plenty to be desired though)

Introducing... The Woganator!!!

Created especially for Disted and Darkside of the Spoon

Ride 'em, Woganboy!

This Wogan was actually my first photoshopped image, and I'm still pretty proud of it, considering.

A jolly snack with a peculiar flavour... "tastes like chikcen!"
this post started a massive bandwogan, rolling at phenomenal speed, see archives here 

original post we're off still going a few more

My friend RattusMaximus made this...

and I am eternally grateful =)


On a different note,

which got lots of very nice comments from very nice people [which made me |-) ]

and this too


and one of my favourite works... the meme workshop

and responses here

In some bizarre tribute to one of the best b3ta regulars, I made this...
here's what the folks said

I keep this email address exclusively for b3ta use

madrabbi AT gmail DOT com

Aaaand that's about it then. Thanks for dropping by!


PS - big_bap makes a whole loada Woganated stuff too: see it here


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» World's Most Hated Food

fucking tripe... just the name gives it away.

my grandfolks used to make me eat tripe & onions as a kid and I'm still in therapy 20 years later.
(Mon 12th Jul 2004, 10:58, More)

» People with Stupid Names

When working as a civil servant I saw plenty of these...

Patricia Wardrobe

Theresa Green - ok, it's an oldie, but she was real

Edith Womble - a perennial favourite.

Jerzy Milka - my fave of all time. MOO!
(Tue 31st Aug 2004, 13:56, More)

» World's Most Hated Food

probably the most vile thing any human has ever forced themslves to eat.

How can ANYONE eat mussels?
They feckin' ming: they honk: they REEK: they smell like festering diarrhoea crossed with the foul, pungent stench of the putrid ocean. I shall stop now as I feel sick.
(Mon 12th Jul 2004, 13:12, More)