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» World's Most Hated Food

Ok I know most of you will be surprised about that, but for me it's a special case.

Go back ten years and you'll see three kids in the 16 year old range, drinking in the local park somewhere in the arse of Britain. (Brum)

Cue to later in the evening and you'll see two of them shagging as they have had a little bit too much to drink. (one was a girl) Zoom in on the one still sitting on the bench, he's guzzled two litres of vodka in a huff about not getting the shagging. Time to go home he thinks, stands up and promptly falls on top of the shaggers as his legs have stopped working. He then has to be carried the two miles home by the coitally interrupted. Said vodka drinker then suffers from a permanent hangover for THREE WEEKS!

So whenever I think about vodka I remember that and feel a little ill.

Annoying thing is I can remember that but not the conversation I apparently had with a pretty nurse we met on the way home :(
(Fri 16th Jul 2004, 1:40, More)