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Work in IT for EMAP as a lowly SQL programmer and general techy support monkey! Luckily, one of my comrades in our department designs the company website and therefore has kindly donated a copy of Photoshop for me to play with during lunch breaks or in between running laborious SQL scripts!!


So, you wanna see some of my work huh??? OK, wise guy!!

(in chronological order!)

My first ever post!! aaahhhhhhhh!!!



Freudian Slip

3D Stereo image....


Bandwagon piccies!!!

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» Teenage Poetry

More of a Lymeric really...
made up on the spot because my freinds knew loads of them and I didn't know any. It goes thus...


There was an old from the sea front,
Who's tools were incredibly blunt
da da da da da,
da da da da da,
da da da da da d-da cunt!

I thank you.
(Thu 11th Aug 2005, 15:13, More)